Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Data - Identity
URL: /api/v1/data/identity/get
Description: Fetch a Dow Jones Entities Identity Data based on Identifier
Type Key DataType Notes
Headers api-key String Your Api-Key
Params EntityID Int32 Entity Identifier
Params ReturnFormat String Json or Xml
Return Data: Json or XML collection of the Data Entities Identity Data
 "EntityID": 307912,
 "IdentityTypeID": 12,
 "IdentityTypeName": "Passport No.",
 "Serial": 2,
 "Value": "707512830",
 "Note": "UK Passport number, expires 22/9/2020"
Field Data Type
EntityID Int 32
IdentityTypeID Int 16
IdentityTypeName Text 255
Serial Int 16
Value Text 255
Note Text 2GB